EPAuto 1/2″ Drive Click Torque Wrench Review

The EPAuto 1/2″ Drive Click Torque Wrench is one of the torque wrenches with better precision, sturdy built and elegant looks.

The EPAuto 1/2″ Drive Click Torque Wrench is a half drive wrench whose metric scale spans from 1-150 ft/lb (13.6-203.5 N.M). The fact that most cars work at a torque of 100ft/lbs. makes the EPAuto 1/2″ a suitable pick.

The presence of two metric scales makes it easier for anyone to use it. One of the scales reads in ft./lbs.-which is a relief to most people who don’t want to waste time consulting the conversion chart. Even the best mathematicians can make errors when dealing with conversion charts.

The EPAuto Drive Click Torque Wrench is built to last. It is entirely made from corrosion resistant steel while the ratchet head is strengthened with chromium vanadium steel alloy. When well cared for, the Drive Click Wrench can last several decades.

This wrench is very simple to use. Once you know how to correctly set your torque value, the rest is as simple as ABC; tighten the nut until you hear a clicking sound and release. Do the same for other nuts and your wheel/s will be tight enough to run smoothly.

This click torque wrench EPAuto comes pre-calibrated and ready to use. Like most other torques, you need to recalibrate it after a year or once it attains about five thousand clicks (that’s if you always count).

Recalibrating a torque is not hard. However, if you are unsure how it’s done, get help from experts rather insisting in making it a DIY activity. Torque recalibrating goes for about $10-20, but this varies depending with location and the expert.

The EPAuto 1/2″ Drive Click Torque Wrench sports an ergonomic knurled handle to provide a firm grip even when you are working with greased hands. It also comes with a plastic case for easy storage.

Most torque wrenches work with additional equipment like sockets and extension bars to deliver a better service. Drive Click however comes devoid of these tools. Frequent users of torque wrenches will still find the usable while first time users will find the additional tools to be valuable.

As far as this torque is made from a hard steel, dropping or knocking it against hard surfaces will shorten its lifespan. Moreover, you need to set it to a lower value (not the lowest) to keep the spring loose. This will preserve its calibration for long and avoid unnecessary recalibration costs.

The spring is the most important as well as the most delicate part of a torque wrench. After some time, you need to check its linearity; otherwise, you’ll never get accurate results. Recalibration costs vary from one place to another, but in general, it should range from $10-20. Other preventive measures for the EPAuto 1/2″ Drive Click Torque Wrench” include:

  • Keeping it away from dust and chemicals
  • Checking the ratchet for tear and wear
  • Keeping a record of the hours or cycles, it’s been used in a day to know when exactly recalibration should be done
  • Lubricating it often
  • Ensuring the ratchet screws are not loose


  • A durable steel construction design
  • Bears two metric scales( one reads in N.M while the other in foot pounds)
  • Durable ratchet head made from chrome vanadium steel
  • The ratchet head come both in clockwise and anticlockwise direction
  • Clicks when the preset torque value has been attained
  • Satin finish makes it corrosion resistant
  • Comes pre-calibrated and ready to use
  • Knurled handle to provide a firm grip
  • +/-4% accuracy
  • Comes with a user manual to help you learn how it works
  • Comes enclosed in a black plastic case


  • EPAuto Drive Click Torque Wrench has dual scales that are easy to read
  • One of the scales reads in foot-pounds-units that many people are familiar with. This, in turn, saves time that could have been used in using a conversion chart
  • Simple to use
  • Comes with a plastic case for storage
  • The fact that it clicks when the set torque has been achieved makes it accurate
  • Designed from top-quality rust resistant material
  • Comes pre-calibrated and ready to use
  • At a range of 10-150 ft. /lbs., this wrench can be used on nuts of various sizes.
  • It’s Lightweight
  • Moderately priced


  • Doesn’t come with additional essential items like a socket, adapter and an extension bar hence you have to buy them separately
  • Torques in clockwise direction only


EPAuto Drive Click Torque Wrench can be obtained online from any reputable distributor. It’s also possible to find them from nearby automobile spare part shops. It’s always good to do some price comparisons between different sellers to ensure you don’t get overcharged.

The bottom line

The EPAuto 1/2″ Drive Click Torque Wrench is a five-star product that has been received well by many folks, and this means you too could join the band. The torque wrench boasts of top notch accuracy levels, durable built and dual scales that are super easy to read-no need for conversion charts.

The torque is also built from rust-resistant material and comes packed in a nice plastic case. With this torque wrench, you are assured many decades of exceptional service.

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