What we do

TryHackMe is an online platform that teaches cyber security through short, gamified real-world labs. We have content for both complete beginners and seasoned hackers, incorporation guides and challenges to cater for different learning styles.

Founder Story

TryHackMe started in 2018 by two cyber security enthusiasts, Ashu Savani and Ben Spring, who met at a summer internship. When getting started in the field, they found learning security to be a fragmented, inaccessable and difficult experience; often being given a vulnerable machine's IP with no additional resources is not the most efficient way to learn, especially when you don't have any prior knowledge. When Ben returned back to University he created a way to deploy machines and sent it to Ashu, who suggested uploading all the notes they'd made over the summer onto a centralised platform for others to learn, for free.

To allow users to share their knowledge, TryHackMe allows other users (at no charge) to create a virtual room, which contains a combination of theoretical and practical learning components.. In early 2019, Jon Peters started creating rooms and suggested the platform build up a community, a task he took on and succeeded in.

The platform has never raised any capital and is entirely bootstrapped.

Ashu and Ben standing at TryHackMe banner

Our Values

Of our learning content is free
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Universally Accessible

The need for qualified cyber security professionals has never been greater. Cyber attacks are increasing, and so is the cyber security skills gap. Unfortunately, expensive courses and certifications makes it harder for individuals to get into the industry.

We created TryHackMe to make learning cyber security more affordable and more accessible, removing as many barriers to entry as possible.


Learning security is too theory oriented, with little opportunity to get hands-on, practical experience. TryHackMe gives students their own personal hackable machine, deployable by 1 click of a button, which allows them to put their knowledge into practice. We want individuals to learn cyber security skills and methodology that will be relevant and applicable to the real world.

A users learning experience is dramatically changed with us.

Web-Based AttackBox
Hack machines all through your browser
Learn with structured pathways
Start realistic vulnerable networks
King of the Hill
Offensive & Defensive competitive hacking game
Students using TryHackMe in a classroom Students using TryHackMe in a classroom

Sparking Curiosity

We want to individuals to be excited and curious; hacking is essentially manipulating a program or service to your will and can only be done when you are curious enough to understand how an application works.

Community Driven

The community is the heart of the platform. TryHackMe was built to help people and the only way to ensure that we're meeting our community's needs is by constantly speaking to them and taking any actions with their best interest at heart.

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