3/8 inch Drive Click Stop Torque Reversible Wrench Review

There is a wrench out there that  not only last for a long time, but also works great and gets the job done every single time you use it. Are you wondering what kind of wrench we are talking about? Presenting, the 3/8-inch Drive Click Stop Torque Reversible Wrench!


  • Has durable cam and pawl mechanism
  • Torque ranges from five to 80 ft. lbs
  • Is reversible
  • Accurate to within +/-4 percent


The 3/8-inch Drive Click Stop Torque Reversible Wrench is just the tool you need! It uses a heavy-duty cam as well as a pawl mechanism to do its job. It is also reversible, making it the versatile go-to tool when you have an application requiring precision torque specifications. Also, its click-stop design gives a torque range starting from five to 80 ft. lbs. It is accurate as well to within +/-4 percent. Its case weighs 2.65 lbs., while its reversible length is 14-1/4 in.

This wrench is also a best friend to those who just tool around on weekends. You will surely have no problems using it on lug nuts and even using it as your daily driver. Just do not forget to return the wrench to the 0 pounds setting once you are finished using it, as this will be able to maintain the life of the spring longer. If that isn’t enough to make you want to try this wrench, it has both scales of NM and ft. lbs. It can also get to very low torque settings, given its capacity.

Though it may not have an audible ‘click’ as soon as it is done tightening at lower levels, you are still able to feel the release through the wrench, so you know that it is time to stop. Do not worry if you really want to hear a click because at higher levels, it is adequately loud.

Just exert a bit of effort to set the wrench at higher levels. Further, you will adore this wrench because it is much more affordable than other products, but it is well-built and feels very solid. It is the wrench that really works!


There are reports that this wrench became totally defective just after a few uses. Perhaps since you can’t hear any click once it reaches the desired torque, you actually do not know if you should keep tightening or you must stop.

There were cases that users kept on going until they broke a part or an engine bolt that caused a lot of problems. This can result in serious problems with your vehicle, requiring you to spend more money to bring it to mechanicto fix what went wrong.

Others experience problems when they chose higher settings. This wrench seemed to just go on forever, having no intentions to stop. Another issue is that in changing to higher settings, it becomes increasingly difficult to twist the handle, thus making you exert too much effort just to increase the settings. It seems to be grinding, as well, when the handle is twisted.


Though this tool may have highly negative reviews, its positive ones still outweigh them. Thus, the 3/8-inch Drive Click Stop Torque Reversible Wrench is, nevertheless, recommended! You are sure to get it quickly after ordering it.

Plus, it is easy to set the torque and use it on just about anything that needs tightening. It has a click sound that is loud enough, especially in high settings, to let you know that you have reached your desired torque. The engraved numbers found on the torque are easy to see and read as well.

Further, it is a great wrench for someone like you do-it-yourself kind of people. You can torque plugs and bolts to spec with no problems. As a result, you get to have well-functioning devices and vehicles that will let you make it through a lot of long highway trips without all the stress.

In addition, it is fairly well-calibrated so you are sure you are doing torques precisely as it is really important to do so. It utilizes a sturdy cam and pawl mechanism too. And, do not worry if you need to torque within a lower range because this wrench can reach as low as five ft. lbs. and has a maximum range of up to 80 ft. lbs. It also works accurately within +/-4 percent so really, you can not ask for more!

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