Best Torque Wrench – Expert Reviews and Advice

Do you know what a torque wrench is? If you don’t, it is a precision tool that is easy to use to measure the accurate amount of torque on a fastener, bolt or nut. All in all, a torque wrench is used in measuring the amount of force applied to fasteners in order to meet the specifications that the manufacturer has set. It also helps you to be efficient in loosening or tightening bolts, nuts and screws while avoiding too little or too much tightening.

Having a torque wrench is important because you are able to apply torque for clamping various parts together as you apply force to the bolts and nuts while setting up automobile parts. A torque wrench is also known to be a proper fastening tool used for safety measures and longevity of fasteners as they help tighten precisely parts to an exact specification.

Most of all, it does the job for you as all you need to do is to exert minimal human effort. The torque wrench is the one responsible for properly twisting fasteners for them to stay tight during rigorous operations. Fasteners that are poorly tightened or overly-tightened can cause premature failures  and a proper torque tool is needed to avoid such accidents.

How to choose the best torque wrench

For the torque wrench’s square drive, make sure its size matches the job you need to work on. There are different sizes of square drives available double check that you know exactly the size before buying any wrench. For the accuracy, most of the torque wrenches have around +/- five percent, meaning, a specific wrench must read within plus or minus five percent of the precise value of torque.

For instance, if you set the value 15 NM (Newton-meters) on the torque wrench, it must click continuously when the actual torque is between 14.7NM to 15.5 NM. Thus, you must also consider the accuracy that you need the torque wrench to perform.

The best torque wrench must also come with a storage case upon purchase. Most torque tools actually have their own storage case because it helps maintain the longevity and accuracy of the torque wrench, especially those of the precision tools. So, if you buy a torque wrench that does not have a storage case, you might as well buy your own.

But, in a nutshell, you are able to choose the best torque wrench by taking into consideration the price, product features, quality, ease of use and most of all, the durability. All of these are the important factors you need to remember in choosing the best torque wrench. If one is lacking, there is a big chance that you might just end up not using it.

What to look for in a good torque wrench

In looking for a good torque wrench, you must check the warranty. Good torque wrenches always have a manufacturer’s warranty of at least one year. The accuracy must also be better than 5 percent. It is a good wrench if it comes with a certificate of calibration that states the date and accuracy.

But occasionally, you must also recalibrate it and maintain factory accuracy. You also need to check that the materials used are of metal construction, since they are generally more durable than the plastic ones used on cheaper torque wrenches.

It is important to consider the ratcheting too. If it is bi-directional, meaning, it can go both clockwise and counterclockwise, chances are, it will be a huge convenience for you. Most electronic and click type torque wrenches have this feature, while beam-types normally do not.

For the storage, a hard case is more recommendable than the soft one since the latter allows your torque wrench to get potentially knocked out of calibration and get more bang up. Hard cases can protect your tool more.

Most of all, a good torque wrench has a good scale visibility. Save yourself from stress and buy a product that is easy to read and set, whether it is a digital readout or mechanical twist handle setting. And for the grip, find the one that is easy to hold as a slippery torque wrench can be quite aggravating.

TEKTON 24335 1/2-Inch Drive Click Torque Wrench, 10-150 ft.-lb.

A torque wrench is a tool used to apply a specific amount of torque onto a fastener such as nuts and bolts. If you have seen a socket wrench, that is also what a torque wrench looks like, only it has extra special internal mechanisms. So in buying a torque wrench, go the extra mile and buy the Tekton Half-Inch Drive Click Torque Wrench!


  • Loud and easily-felt click when reaching the preset
  • Easy to read scale being high contrast and dual range, even in scarce light
  • Ratchet head is reversible and can drive in either direction; measures the torque using clockwise direction
  • No plastic parts that will break or wear out as everything is made of steel


The Tekton Half-Inch Drive Click Torque Wrench has a calibration of +/-4 percent accuracy. It has a reversible ratcheting head and goes in both directions for easier tightening of fasteners. But, for measuring torque, it uses only the clockwise direction.

Just set the desired value of torque on the handle scale and there, you can begin tightening the fastener. You will also hear and feel a click once you reach the preset torque value so you know it is time to stop tightening.


Some reported to not have heard any click to know that they were done tightening. Thus, they ended up tightening until it snaped and became loose. Also, others were only able to get through a few bolts using this tool. After that, it did not function anymore.


Despite the disadvantages, the Tekton Half-Inch Drive Click Torque Wrench is still recommended. This wrench will help you tighten fasteners with just the right amount of torque. You are able to secure parts properly without breaking them or making them loose. It is also very simple to use and you are sure that it will stay with you for a long time since it is durable, given that it is all metal and no plastic.

VENZO Bicycle Bike Torque Wrench Allen Key Tool Socket Set Kit

With the Venzo Bicycle Bike Torque Wrench, tightening your bolts and other bike parts will never be a problem again. Why? That is because this bike torque wrench is now available on the market to help you get the best bike experience ever! Meet the amazing Venzo Bicycle Bike Torque Wrench!


  • A true essential and must-have bike tool to install bolts and bike parts
  • Comes with a quality bit set that contains the most common bits for your convenience
  • Torque range start from two to 24 NM, which normally covers most bike parts installations


The Venzo Bicycle Bike Torque Wrench gives just the right torque or pressure you need for installing bolts and bike parts. A gauge comes with it that is intended for the carbon parts of a bicycle. It has two to 24 NM torque range while it measures ¼ inches for its torque fix set. It consists as well of a +/-4 percent accuracy. The Allen keys measure from three to six, eight and 10mm plus five mm longer Allen key.


Since the Venzo Bicycle Bike Torque Wrench does not have an audible click, you actually can’t easily know that it is time to stop applying force. Thus, you end up tightening too little or too much. Contradictory to what is also said that it is sturdy, some already broke their wrenches after just a few uses.

They do not want to request for a replacement anymore because they still have to pay for the shipping fee. For them, it is better to use the money on buying a more reliable wrench.


The Venzo Bicycle Torque Wrench is still a product we recommend in spite of the negative comments. The torque range and fix set measures are actually helpful since you can already tighten many fasteners because of those. The Allen keys are also very dependable. Plus, even if there is no clicking sound, you can still actually feel  the click. A release button also exists on the wrench head intended for the keys to come off easily.

ACDelco ARM601-4 1/2″ Digital Torque Wrench

Torque wrenches do the job of tightening nuts and bolts for you. So, if you do maintenance and adjustments on your own, you will need a handy tool just like this. Spend your money wisely and buy the ACDelco Digital Torque Wrench!


  • Has the standard functions such as measurement, mode and torque setting
  • Works in both clockwise and counterclockwise directions
  • Measurements are shown via LCD, which are N to m, kg to cm, ft to lb and in to lb
  • Has a buzzer for audible torque confirmation
  • Trace or Peak modes are easy to set up


The ACDelco Digital Torque Wrench consists of the standard functions including mode setting, measurement setting and torque setting. It works in both clockwise and counterclockwise directions and has an LCD display to show the different measurements like kg. to cm, in. to lb., N to m, and ft. to lb. A buzzer exists so you can hear it as a sign that you have already reached the torque value required. Also, the trace or peak modes are easy to use and set up.


The description tells you that four is its lowest torque,but in reality, many reports say that it is actually 10. So, for those who need a much lower torque value than 10, this torque wrench is not the one for you. Some users also complained that this does not make a click sound when tightened to the settings, since it could have been much easier that way to know if a torque value has already been reached.


The ACDelco Digital Torque Wrench does not really have major issues so it is highly-recommended. Its ability to go either directions means that it is versatile enough to be used on any fastener. Plus, its LCD display clearly shows everything so you will not have any issues reading the settings.And, the automatic shutoff feature helps you to save your battery’s life, even without personally turning it off.

3/8 inch Drive Click Stop Torque Reversible Wrench

There are a lot of quality torque wrenches out there. All you have to do is look and find them. Of course, you would want something durable and of high quality, so why not try the 3/8-inch Drive Click Stop Torque Reversible Wrench?


  • Has durable cam and pawl mechanism
  • Torque ranges from five to 80 ft. lbs
  • Is reversible
  • Accurate to within +/-4 percent


The 3/8-inch Drive Click Stop Torque Reversible Wrench utilizes a durable cam and a pawl mechanism. It is reversible and has a click-stop design producing a torque range of five to 80 ft. lbs. It has an accuracy as well of +/-4 percent. It comes with a case that weighs 2.65 lbs., while the reversible length of the wrench is as long as 14-1/4 in. Further, it consists of scales of both NM and ft. lbs., as well as reaches a very low torque value.


After just a few uses, some reported that this tool already broke. Since there is no clicking sound, especially for lower settings, it is hard to know if you should keep tightening or not. It also becomes increasingly hard to twist the handle as you change to higher settings. Plus, once you twist the handle, it seems to be grinding.


The negative reviews for this product are not enough for us not to recommend it. That is because the 3/8-inch Drive Click Stop Torque Reversible Wrench is sure to tighten securely just about any fastener or part that needs the right amount of torque.

There are numbers clearly engraved on it so you can see and read them easily. Moreover, it is well-calibrated, making your torques precise. Since it is reversible, it is flexible for any tightening job. Also, it has both scales of NM and ft. lbs. so that is a thumbs up. It is really useable for reaching very low torque ranges, unlike others. With this product, really, you could not ask for more.

CRAFTSMAN 9-31425 Micro-Clicker Torque Wrench

If you do a lot of work where you need to securely tighten nuts, bolts or you spend time working on your car, you need a torque wrench. It will make your life easier. You will want to make sure you get your money’sworth and buy a torque wrench that is actually worth the price. So with that, try the Craftsman Micro-Clicker Torque Wrench!



  • Has a half-inch drive
  • Got a clicker style torque wrench
  • Contains a craftsman micro-clicker with range of 20 to 150 ft. lbs.
  • Can be accurate to +/-4 percent of load requirement
  • Provides NM (Newton-meters) and ft. lbs. (foot-pounds) readings


The Micro-Cicker Torque Wrench consists of a rugged combination of high strength alloyed steel and tough plastic build. It also has a fast locking ring and clear-reading adjustments. It has a +/-4 percent accuracy and is durable enough to last long. To add, it has a clicking sound that is as loud as a finger snap to let you know that you already applied the exact amount of torque that was needed.


The handle at the bottom of this wrench is likely to move when too much pressure is applied. Its casing does not have any top whichallows the wrench to fall out at any time. The mechanism found in the plastic handle is also very flimsy so it breaks easily. Some readers also found it hard to read the scale.

Cheap materials also seemed to have been used for this wrench. It feels like it just slips as you reach for an exact torque value. It does not go both directions as well, even though it has a reversible head.


More benefits exist for this Craftsman Micro-Clicker Torque Wrench rather than disadvantages,affordable price, great quality and sturdy product. It has clear-reading adjustments, fast locking ring, tough plastic combination and high strength alloyed steel.. Further, it has +/-4 percent accuracy, making it reliable to make things tight and right.

And even though it is only recommended for light use, it can still function great. And, with its quality materials, you are sure to use it easily and confidently. Indeed, tightening has never been this hassle-free.